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AA GSO Advice on Digital Meetings meetings work OK from computers, notebooks, tablets, phones and even plain old landlines or flip phones (number to dial is below).  Meeting schedule at left or click the icon above.

Click the big button at meeting time

Alas, due to trolls, password is required.
Get the correct password from the meeting secretary.

You don’t need a computer or device at all:

Phone in by landline or flip phone:
669.900.6833 + Code: 504-297-4103#


Don’t see a meeting going on right now? Start one! Email or text a few AA friends to join you at – in a few minutes, you’ll have a real meeting going.  If you enjoy this, please sign up to be a regular meeting secretary with a dedicated time slot.

Here’s the info to email or text your friends to hold a meeting right now (or anytime):

Put Your Virtual Meeting on Here:

  • We give scheduled AA Meetings in the LA CO directory top priority
  • Next are new online meetings not in the directory – ask – we’ll say YES
  • Ad Hoc meetings you launch on the fly… copy & paste green text above
  • Contact Ron R. at or 626.375.5472 for help

IMPORTANT TIP: The phone companies and video-conference providers are getting hit really hard – lots of families and companies are starting new video-conferences these days!  This can affect YOUR meeting for the first few minutes.  They are especially hard-hit at the top of each hour and at half-past each hour. 

So if it’s possible for you to start your meeting at X:15 or at X:45 please do so.  You’ll have a better meeting!  (Us tech types get the emails from all the video-conference companies with news about “what’s up” and trying to help everyone with these mutual challenges.) uses a special upgraded account (costs $$) to deliver top quality service available.

We all just want this to work, so consider doing your part. –Ron

Coming Soon:

  • Tutorial/Secretary Group Conscience & Training/Hints
  • Online meeting room for individual meeting group conscience (we get it…)

Other Online Meetings (may not be ‘in LA’):
Daily (all times are Pacific): 7am | 8:30am | 10am | 12:30pm | 2pm | 5:30pm 
There are now over Fifty Daily Meetings listed on the LA County AA Guide

500+ other online meetings published by the LA County CSO. 

Nonstop 247AA Online

Advanced Secretaries/Producers: Log in to

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