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We Need Online Secretaries!

Nope, you don’t need to be a digital heavyweight to secretary a meeting online. You can succeed just by ‘winging it’ but we can also help you with a little bit of training (you won’t need much) for better ‘presentation’.  Our starting tech tips for secretaries are here (most of them aren’t tech at all!).

It may seem like a big deal to you, but once you jump in, it’s actually quite easy.

If you are interested in helping out and bringing AA to more people during ‘the challenges’ then just email Ron R at or call Ron at 626.375.5472.  We need regular meetings that appear in the directory to ‘sponsor’ time slots at their regular meeting times (your meeting will appear in the left menu), online meeting secretaries to hold meetings at other times, and we need tech people to help out with the web site and video-conference tech.

The goal is to furnish AA meetings on this platform literally 24×7.

Secretary Hints+Help is here.

If you are trying to get your regular (directory listed) meeting online, we can also make it easy to make your meeting available on Facebook and Youtube as well (with proper authority, anonymity and privacy controls).  Putting your meeting on a private or unlisted Facebook page or Youtube page might make it much easier for some of your ‘digitally challenged’ members to attend your meetings online.

Together, we’ll make our current challenges seem a lot easier to handle!


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